LiveResponse API

Using LiveResponse API you will be able to collect data from LiveResponse and use it in other applications through the calls we describe in the API documentation.

Getting started

In order to use LiveResponse API, you need an API-key for the organization whos data you want to access. The API-key can be generated by the organization under Settings / API in the LiveResponse web application.


LiveResponse API can be called through either GET or POST over HTTP, depending on what API-method you want to access.


Authentication is made by passing a valid API-key as part of the URL, when calling any of the API-methods. The key should be passed as the querystring-parameter key.

Response format negotiation

The format of the response is negotiated through the HTTP Accept header. Currently the API support JSON and XML. The accept-header should therefore be set to either application/json or application/xml

API methods

/video/all - HTTP GET

Allow you to fetch meta-data about a given number of your organizations videos.


limit Number of videos to display. Possible interval: 1-100.
page Used in combination with limit, to page through the videos. Possible interval: 1-.
title When set, only videos with a title exactly matching the parameter value are returned. (case insensitive)

Sample call

Accept: application/json

Sample response JSON:

[{ "VideoId":1, "CameraId":1, "CameraName":"Liveresponse", "URL":"", "Created":"2011-12 06T11:58:30Z", "Live":false, "Title":"", "Description":"", "ThumbnailURL":"", "VideoLength":14, "Longitude":"", "Latitude":"", "PositionAccuracy":"" }]

Sample response XML:

<ArrayOfVideo> <Video> <VideoId>1</VideoId> <CameraId>1</CameraId> <CameraName>Liveresponse</CameraName> <URL></URL> <Created>2011-12-06T11:58:30Z</Created> <Live>false</Live> <Title/> <Description/> <ThumbnailURL> </ThumbnailURL> <VideoLength>14</VideoLength> <Longitude/> <Latitude/> <PositionAccuracy/> </Video> </ArrayOfVideo>

/video/position - HTTP POST

Allow you to specify the current geographical position of a given camera. This will update the geographical position of all videos broadcasted by the camera within the last minute. It will also set the geographical position of all videos broadcasted by the camera within a minute after the position has been received.


cameraid A unique ID of the camera you want to specify the position for. If you don't know the ID of your camera, please contact our support.
latitude The current latitude of the camera, given in WGS84.
longitude The current longitude of the camera, given in WGS84.

Sample call

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Length: 39



If the call is successful you will receive a HTTP 204 No content, in response. Unsuccessful calls will result in an HTTP 500, where the HTTP body may contain a more detailed description of the error.

Questions about the API?

If you have any questions about the API, we could recommend the section about the API in our knowledge base.

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