Video from mobile to web

How it works


Broadcast with a single click

Start record video from your ordinary cellphone by the click on a single button. You no longer need to browse through a myriad of menu options in order to capture the situation in front of you. When you finish the recording, just press stop and the recording stops. Recording video will never be simpler than this.


The video is automatically transfered

The recorded video is broadcasted in realtime and is instantly available. The video is not stored on your cellphone and is therefor available live with minimum latency for any of your viewers. The speed and minimum latency means that you will always keep your most demanding viewers updated.


No cables, no trouble

Forget all trouble with SD-cards, USB-cables and PC-sync. Stop panicing when making video available. All such trouble is eliminated when video is broadcasted live and instantly available. You do not even need any special equipment or costly transmission techniques, just an ordinary cellphone with an Internet data plan.

The Web

View video via the web

From a normal web browser, you and your colleagues login in and access all videos that has been produced in the organization. From the office, during your business trips, from your customers sites and basically everywhere you have an Internet connection, your videos are available and ready to use. The fact that you do not need to install any software on your computer or in your organizations IT-infrastructure is both smart and cost efficient. See sample video

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Live streaming, geo-positioning and more.

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September 20 2012

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Said about LiveResponse

“The inner command gets much better information than before in order to make the correct decision about what resources needed on the accident site. In practice this can certainly save lives.”

- H. Alexandersson
Gothenburg Fire- and Rescue

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