Why LiveResponse?

Get closer to the work site

Now no situation is further away than a video clip. Make use of competences at a distance, solve technical problems and avoid costly mistakes.

See it with your own eyes

With video in real time there is new possibilities for more effective communication based on richer information. To see with your own yes is priceless.

Make documentation easy

Record what you want to document, and describe it verbally as you record, for richer documentation. Get rid of image transfers and writing long texts.

Collaborate with others

Share videos automatically with collaborating organizations, or give external experts temporary access to a video. Collaboration is easy with LiveResponse.

Easy to use

LiveResponse is designed with a user focus, and is therefor easy to learn and to use. Because of this, you will not need a boring manual to get started.


The service does not require any expensive installations and you can use your regular cellphone. The monthly cost is also very low - view pricing.

Said about LiveResponse

Innovative usage of high speed mobile connectivity, mobile video streaming services and positioning in a mission critical usage environment. A practical and useful mobile service area that really makes a difference.
Jury motivationCut the Wire Awards
The inner command gets much better information than before in order to make the correct decision about what resources needed on the accident site. In practice this can certainly save lives.
H. AlexanderssonGothenburg Fire- and Rescue
Mobile video saves lives in Gothenburg
Henrik RådmarkCIO Sweden

Some of our users

Gothenburg Fire and Rescue Services

Södertörn Fire and Rescue Services

Gas och Värmeteknik AB

G4S Alarmcentrale
The Netherlands.

The Netherlands.

South Africa.

Awards and nominations

Bleking Innovation Prize Nominee Cut the Wire Awards 2010

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September 20 2012

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Said about LiveResponse

“Mobile video saves lives in Gothenburg”

- Henrik Rådmark
CIO Sweden

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